5 Factors to Look for in a New Home Cooling System

When you and your serviceman decide it is time to start looking for a new home cooling system, you have more options than ever before. You do not need to go with the same type of system you have always had, you can upgrade to something more modern, efficient and green.

Size of Unit    

The first thing you need to figure out is how much of a unit you need to have your home at a comfortable temperature year round. You need something that has enough power to work on the whole house but do not want something that is rated for a much larger home. A large unit will keep your home at the right temperature but will use more energy and cost you more in utility bills.

Ductless System

Something else you may want to consider is a ductless system. This allows you to create separate climate zones in the house. If you like to keep the upstairs cooler for sleeping but there is a game room that needs to be a bit warmer, having a ductless system will allow this. You will save money by only using the units in the rooms it is needed and by not losing air through the ducts. It has been proven that up to 30 percent of your warmed or cooled air is lost through gaps and cracks in the ducts.


When you are buying a system, different brands will be offering different incentives. If you find a unit that will work in your house find out if there is a special going on for that brand. If not, you may want to look at a brand that is offering a special to see if you can save money and still get a system that will work right.


Be sure to find out if the quoted price includes installation or if that will be an additional fee. If you are buying the system from an HVAC company the price will almost always include installation. When buying from a department store you will probably have to add in the cost of having the unit installed. You may find it is cheaper to hire an HVAC technician on your own to have the system put in.


Every new unit will come with some type of warranty. It is important to read it and see what is and what is not covered. Make sure you are comparing like warranties when considering which system to buy. Another thing you should consider is buying the extended warranty that is offered by the selling company.

When buying a new system, it is always best if you can make the purchase during the time of year when you will not be needing to have the house heated or cooled. This will keep your home comfortable and at the same time give you more time to find the best deal and have it installed. An added bonus is that you will not be paying high utility bills at the time so will not feel too much stress financially.

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