Get Energy Saving Tips From The Certified Pros

When researching tips to save energy this summer many homeowners are exposed to word terms they may not understand. One such term is found on the websites of HVAC companies, and that term is NATE certified. What does NATE certified mean? NATE is a nonprofit group that offers HVAC technicians an opportunity to prove their capabilities.

The way NATE does this by offering tests that cover every topic an HVAC technician needs to know. By obtaining NATE certification, technicians can increase their wages and employment opportunities. The NATE organization represents the entire heating and cooling industry as a whole.

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, and this organization represents companies and technicians that offer excellence in every sale, installation, and repair of HVAC equipment. After obtaining a high score on NATE tests, technicians can proudly boast that they have extensive knowledge in specific areas of the heating and cooling industry. Having this extensive knowledge enables HVAC employees to help homeowners learn how to conserve energy and save money on summer cooling bills.

Sharing tips such as changing a/c filters every few months, turning up thermostat temperatures and relying more on fans to stay cool, keeping blinds and heat blocking curtain panels shut, as well as installing programmable thermostats, has helped millions of home and business owners save money on annual energy bills. Teaching clients that keeping windows and doors sealed tightly, planting shade trees near windows and exterior HVAC equipment, and installing white shades or blinds to reflect heat, are other tips that that can save money.

NATE certified technicians can also help clients save money by teaching them about the benefits of residential zoning and by sharing the latest developments in energy efficient equipment with clients. Teaching clients about the importance of knowing what is nate certification, and why it is important to only hire certified technicians is another helpful tip. To learn more about saving energy this summer and make certain your air conditioner is performing at peak level, contact a local NATE certified HVAC company today. After all, it’s always best to trust a company that has already won over NATE, the HVAC industry’s harshest critic.