Pet Owners Should Follow These Plumbing-Related Habits

You might not think much about your plumbing system as a pet owner, but you should be aware that a few actions can slowly damage it over time. These not only lead to costly repairs but also put your pet in harm’s way! Our plumbing and radiant heating specialists at Countryside Plumbing & Heating share a few plumbing-related habits you should start following.

Keep the Lid Closed After Use

To most dogs, the toilet is like one big water bowl. They’re scavengers by nature, so it’s almost natural for them to be curious enough to drink from the toilet especially when they’re thirsty. But you shouldn’t allow this to happen to your dog because the mixture of bacteria and residue from the cleaning products can be harmful. Make sure that you and your family keep the toilet lid closed after use. It may also help to close the bathroom door at all times so that they won’t sneak in when you’re not looking.

Avoid Kitty Litter in the Toilet

As a reputable contractor in plumbing and electric heaters, we strongly recommend that you avoid doing this to your toilet simply because it will cause clogs in your plumbing system. Even if the brand you use claims to be flushable, don’t assume that it won’t affect your toilet’s plumbing in one way or another. It can also affect your septic system because they’re made from clay and won’t easily break down inside the tank. It’s better to place the litter in a garbage bag and throw it in the trash so that the dust and odor won’t bother you.

Throw the Pet Dander Properly

Both cats and dogs shed a considerable amount of hair and dander, which is why sweeping and vacuuming are necessary to maintain clean indoor air quality. Don’t just flush them on the toilet as they don’t easily break down and will lead to clogging and other plumbing problems. Instead, dispose of them properly in the trash!

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