Replacing An Old Air Conditioner

Air conditioners play an important role in our lives. It is very important to keep our air conditioning systems maintained and in proper working order. But sometimes, the repairs are just too great and a replacement is needed.

Understanding your system is very important. When parts of an air conditioner break down, it may be one or several parts that are broken. It is best to replace the entire system since each part works together harmoniously and changing out just one part may not solve the problem.

1. The Two main parts of an Air Conditioner: The Evaporator and The Condenser

Air conditioners have two main parts: the Evaporator and the Condenser. The evaporator is located inside the ductwork and it works absorbing heat from inside the air towards the refrigerant.

The condenser is located outside of the home or business and it works to squeeze heat out of the refrigerant and pushes it outside.

2. Replacing only one of the two may not solve the problem

Most times, when repairs are needed, it is the condenser. One may think that replacing the condenser will fix the problem but that is not the case. The two main parts work together and replacing one part can make the two have trouble working together.

The two must adjust to how each one work’s and replacing one may still see problems with your air conditioner.

3. Replacing the entire system is always the best solution.

The evaporator can start to make problems because it can absorb too much heat and then the condenser will overheat. If the evaporator does not get the right amount of heat it will freeze. The only way to make sure the two are going to work together is to replace both main components.

It is usually very easy to match both parts when a new air conditioner is installed. However it can be hard to match components when a system is older. So it is best in this instance to replace the entire system.

The decision is yours. If your air conditioner is causing problems, have it inspected. If only one part is damaged, you can choose to just replace that part. Just be aware that you may encounter problems with your system in the coming months.

Also be aware that if you have an older system, it may be difficult to find replacement parts so an entirely new system may be needed. Be sure to contact a top rated HVAC contractor to diagnosis your system so you will know exactly what is wrong with your system.