What Are The Different Kinds Of Air Conditioning Systems?

There are many times of air conditioning systems designed to serve the same purpose — to cool the air inside of a house or a room. These systems differ not in their functioning but the scale on while they supply conditioned air and the area they serve.

Some Air Conditioner Types:

  • Window air conditioners

These units are installed in the windows and hence the name. The unit consists of a single housing containing all the components required for the working of the system. The inner part of the air conditioner blows cool air while the outer exposed part flushes warm air to the exterior.

  • Portable air conditioners

These units are used in places where window air conditioners and other types of units cannot be used. These units are usually placed on the floor of the room in a corner. A hose is installed with these units which discharges hot air to the outside of the room. These units are also used in conjunction with other air conditioners when there is need of an additional air conditioner to keep the room temperature in favorable range.

  • Split air conditioners

When the component of air conditioning unit is placed both inside and outside of a room, it is called a split air conditioner. In this type of the unit, the evaporator (blows cool air inside of the room) is placed on the inner wall of the room while the compressor and other component are installed on the outside wall or the roof. These two components on the inner and outer side of the room are connected by a duct and a hose to supply cool air.

  • Central air conditioners

These types of units are installed where there are multiple rooms. Various ducts are planted all through the building or the home — supplying fresh and cool air. With this single unit, you can control the temperature of air across your entire house without the need of an individual unit for every room.

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