3 Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up in the Fall

No one wants to brave the cold, dark months of fall and winter without a fully-functioning furnace. Fortunately, a timely tune-up service can keep your furnace running at peak efficiency throughout the year. In this article, a radiant heat technician talks about the top three benefits of scheduling a furnace tune-up in the fall.

Furnace Tune-Up

It reduces the risk of a system breakdown. Like other mechanical devices, your furnace will experience wear and tear over the course of its lifetime. When you sign up for a maintenance service program with an HVAC contractor at the beginning of the season, a trained technician will confirm whether or not your furnace is ready to endure the low temperatures of the fall and winter months. He or she will be able to catch small issues and address them immediately, minimizing the risk of a system failure.

It lowers your energy costs. Furnaces, and even electric heaters, that aren’t properly maintained consume more energy than those that are well-cared-for, ultimately leading to higher energy costs. A neglected furnace will also struggle to produce sufficient heat for your home, causing its components to wear down quickly, which speeds up the need for a replacement unit. 

It ensures the safety and comfort of your home. A furnace needs to be tuned up or maintained on an annual basis in order to ensure proper operation. If your furnace’s heat exchanger, for example, has developed cracks and you failed to let a technician inspect your unit, this can result in carbon monoxide being released into your home.


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