A Closer Look at Heat Pumps

Despite having the word “heat” in their name, heat pumps are not exclusive to home heating systems, as the common misconception would have many believe. Heat pumps are, in fact, an integrated system, filling the roles of both heating and cooling all in one.

In this quick guide, let our experts at Countryside Plumbing and Heating walk you through the fundamentals of heat pumps and why it just might be the last heating and cooling system you’ll ever need for your home.

Heat Transfer

If you ask any of our Countryside Plumbing and Heating professionals about the core concept that makes heat pumps work, they’ll tell you about heat transfer. Heat pumps cool down an area by simply moving heat away from it and “pumping” it to some other place. These places are called heat sources and heat sinks. During colder seasons, this process is reversed, allowing heat pumps to work as either a heating or cooling system, depending on your needs.

Types of Heat Pumps

Countryside Plumbing and Heating offers different types of heat pumps for your home’s needs. The main differences between these types are the heat source. For example, air-source heat pumps use the ambient environmental temperature to make the necessary heat transfers, while geothermal heat pumps run their coolant pipes underground, raising or lowering the temperature indoors as needed. The difference in temperatures between the source and the sink drives the “pumping” mechanism, which allows the heat pump to work.

Should You Get a Heat Pump?

Countryside Plumbing and Heating’s heat pumps are a great and energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling to your home, but they are not without limitations. Their ability to cool down and heat up spaces is not quite at the level of their gas and electric-powered counterparts. Because of this, they work best in areas that do not experience extreme changes in seasonal temperature.

Heat It Up and Cool It Down With Countryside

If you’d like to learn more about how heat pumps can benefit your home, give us at Countryside Plumbing and Heating a call today at (715) 246-2660. With 65 years of experience in New Richmond, WI, and all surrounding areas, our excellent services are second to none.