3 Reasons to Replace Your HVAC System Sooner Rather Than Later

With any major home appliance, it’s better to replace it on your own terms rather than wait for it to give out. This is especially true when it comes to air conditioners and radiant heating systems, as they often break down at inconvenient times, like in the middle of a hot summer day or on a cold winter night. If you’re holding back on replacing your old, worn-out HVAC unit, here are three reasons why delaying the inevitable isn’t such a good idea.

Increased energy bills. HVAC systems tend to lose their efficiency over time. This means that your trusty air conditioner or heating unit will use up more electricity than it did when it was new. Needless to say, this results in higher utility bills as your system works overtime to try to keep your home’s interior at an ideal temperature. 

Emergency replacements can be expensive. As mentioned above, major HVAC issues seem to rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune times — either when it’s too hot or too cold. Calling on your HVAC contractor to repair or replace electric heaters or air conditioners in an emergency situation is often more expensive. 

High repair costs. As your HVAC unit gets older, it will require more maintenance and repairs. While repairing your unit often rather than shelling out a large amount to completely replace it may seem more economical, it’s actually not. Repair bills tend to add up, and the older your system, the harder it is to find the necessary parts. Additionally, the harder it is for your repair guy to fix, the more they’ll charge you for it.

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