Should You Cover Outdoor HVAC Units in Fall and Winter?

As the crisp autumn air signals the approach of winter, you may be considering ways to protect your home and outdoor HVAC units from the weather elements. Covering the outdoor HVAC unit in fall and winter is a topic that has sparked countless debates among homeowners and HVAC professionals alike. In this post, Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc. discusses the pros and cons of covering your outdoor HVAC unit during the colder months.

Can Air Purifiers Help With Fall Allergies?

When talking about allergies, the first season that comes to mind is spring. However, some individuals experience worse symptoms during the fall. Pet dander, weeds, dust mites, and mold are among the most common things that trigger allergies at this time of the year.

Tips on Cooling an Old Home Efficiently

Old homes offer charm, character, and history that simply can’t be had with new ones. However, one of the challenges of owning an old home is cooling it without causing a big dent in your energy bills. Local air conditioning and electric heaters company, Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc. shares some tips on how to cool your old home efficiently.

3 Reasons to Replace Your HVAC System Sooner Rather Than Later

With any major home appliance, it’s better to replace it on your own terms rather than wait for it to give out. This is especially true when it comes to air conditioners and radiant heating systems, as they often break down at inconvenient times, like in the middle of a hot summer day or on a cold winter night. If you’re holding back on replacing your old, worn-out HVAC unit, here are three reasons why delaying the inevitable isn’t such a good idea.

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How & Why to Winterize Your HVAC System

If you live in a climate with cold, harsh winters, then you’re probably already familiar with the tasks associated with winterizing your home: tasks like re-caulking drafty windows, replacing weather stripping on windows and doors and even clearing out your rain gutters. But really, the most important task on your winter to-do list is making sure that your HVAC system is up to speed. 

In today’s post, a reliable radiant heating contractor explains why this process is absolutely crucial this time of year and shares a few tips on how to do it properly.

The Benefits of a Fall HVAC Tune-Up

At Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc., nothing gives us greater pleasure than knowing that our customers are happy and comfortable. That means making sure that their radiant heating systems, furnaces, gas pumps or boilers are running like they’re supposed to, especially during the fall and winter months when the temperature begins to drop. This is exactly why we encourage homeowners to avail themselves of our tune-up services in the  fall. Below are just a few of the great benefits  of regular tune-ups.

Prevent inconvenient breakdowns. There’s nothing more inconvenient than having your heating system conk out in the middle of winter. To avoid suffering in freezing temperatures while waiting for a repair technician to perform emergency repairs in the middle of the night, make sure that your heating system is working properly by scheduling a tune-up in the fall.


Increase energy efficiencyElectric heaters and other heating systems that use electricity perform a whole lot better when they’re well-maintained. This means that they won’t have to work as hard when the mercury drops and you turn up the heat, which translates to huge energy savings for you. Keep in mind that for most American households, heating and cooling makes up roughly 50% of their entire energy expenditures, so making sure your HVAC unit is running as efficiently as possible is definitely worth the trouble.


Extend the lifespan. While most heating systems are built to last, this doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible or completely maintenance-free. Let’s face it, replacing an HVAC system doesn’t come cheap. Investing in regular tune-ups will help your unit last as long as possible and will cost far less than a full replacement. 


Whether you’re in need of HVAC installation services or would simply like to inquire about air conditioner or furnace prices, be sure to give Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc. a call today! You can reach us at (715) 246-2660, or through the contact form on our website.

Controlling Indoor Air Quality is Good for Your Health

Have you been suffering from allergy or flu-like symptoms for a prolonged period? Have your family members or your co-workers been complaining about frequent headaches, chronic fatigue, aching joints and muscles or irritation of the eyes/nose/throat?

If you answered yes to either question it might be an indication you’ve been breathing contaminated indoor air, which has been implicated in outbreaks of inexplicable symptoms just like this.

Identifying the Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Any source of particulate matter that’s inside or very near your home or business could be contributing to your indoor air pollution problem.

Some of the possibilities include:

  • Particulate matter cycled through HVAC ductwork
  • Chemical solvents or cleaning solutions
  • Dust from decaying books, magazines or newspapers
  • Fumes from nearby factories or highways
  • Pet dander
  • Airborne bacteria, mold or fungus spores, or pollen
  • Peeling or chipping paint
  • Crumbling insulation

There is another aspect of indoor air contamination that should not be overlooked, and that is poor ventilation. If inside-to-outside air flow is restricted or inhibited no cleansing of airborne pollutants can occur, and this situation is especially common in modern buildings made airtight for the purposes of energy conservation ( special measures should be taken to improve ventilation but often are not).

Remedies for Indoor Air Contamination

Thorough and periodic cleaning can help to correct the problem of excessive indoor pollution, as will throwing out or relocating any items or substances that might be contributing to the contamination. When cleaning or clearing out you should pay special attention to basements, attics and connected garages, since it is so easy to forget about the spaces we visit less frequently.

Improving ventilation is always helpful. This could involve remodeling to add windows, installing screen doors where appropriate or adding ceiling fans or whole-house fans that really move the air and make it more difficult for airborne particulates to linger.

Having your HVAC system cleaned, both the ductwork and the equipment, is another potentially constructive step. Contact your favorite HVAC contractor (in western Wisconsin that would be Countryside Plumbing & Heating, of course) and ask them to send someone out to inspect your HVAC system to see if a cleaning is needed. On your own you should change your HVAC air filters often, perhaps even monthly, and always use filters with a MERV rating or 11 or higher to make sure the smallest airborne particles are being captured.

While all of these actions can help, if you have continuing difficulty with indoor air contamination you should strongly consider purchasing one or two air quality control products from an excellent manufacturer like Bryant. Countryside Plumbing & Heating is an authorized dealer of Bryant air quality products, including ventilators, humidifiers, UV lamps and air purifiers, and if you live in western Wisconsin we would be glad to meet with you to discuss your options.

Don’t Let Your Buildings Make You Sick

If you’re home or business is making you sick you should act quickly to address the problem. Your health and welfare depend on it, and any investments you make to improve your air quality will surely improve your life as well.

At Countryside Plumbing & Heating we take indoor air pollution seriously, and if you suspect it’s a problem for you we invite you to contact us today—together we will create a plan of action that can restore your good air quality once and for all.

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