5 Tips to repair minor plumbing issues


The plumbing system in the home is essential to the everyday life of home owners and their families. The plumbing system allows for us to be able to wash our clothes, clean our dishes, mop, shower, use the restroom; a number of things. Most of us take our plumbing system for granted until it breaks down. Below are a few tips to help repair minor plumbing issues so your home can continue to function as normal.

Unblocking Traps

A common area for a plumbing blockage is the trap area. This area is the basin trap which is located just below the sink. A snake can unclog this area but usually the area will need to be disassembled for the blockage to be removed. You will need to place a bucket or large bowl under the sink and then unscrew the trap to remove the blockage. Once you have done this, the system should work normally.

Unclogging a Sink Drain

A clog in the bathroom is a very common occurrence. The clog will usually occur at the top of the drain and a plug adjustment arm can be used easily to remove the clogging problem. To do this, remove the spring tab from the adjustment arm. The ball valve from the sink trap then needs to be removed. You will then need to remove the pop-up plug and then use the air to remove the debris that is clogging up the sink.

Stopped up Toilet

A stopped up toilet is also a common drain problem and this can be very annoying. A toilet that is clogged can be a major occurrence especially if you only have one toilet. To start this process, try a plunger first. If the plunger does not work, you will need to use a snake for the job. The snake will loosen the blockage and help it be removed.

Simply pull a section of the snake out to use on the toilet. Use the snake to go down the drain to try and find and loosen the blockage. If this does not work, you may need to use a drain cleaning product to help break up the clog.

Low Water Pressure in Shower

If you have low water pressure in the home, it can easily be fixed. Low water pressure is never good in the shower so home owners who experience this problem can repair it. Simply unscrew the shower head and then unscrew the spray plate. You will need to place the spray plate in descaling solution. Leave the solution on for some time and then remove any scale that may be on the shower head. You are now ready to replace the shower head and you will no longer have low water pressure!


The best way to avoid problems with your plumbing system is a thorough cleaning on a regular basis. You can use certain products to keep your lines clear and regular inspections of these systems will aid in keeping your unit in check.