How Cottonwood Season Can Damage Your AC

As we transition from spring to summer, cottonwood fluff emerges. This seemingly innocuous byproduct of cottonwood trees can pose a significant threat to your air conditioner, risking both its efficiency and lifespan. Read on as Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc. explores the impact of cottonwood season on your cooling system and how to maintain a comfortable and efficient home environment during the warmer months.

Cottonwood Season

The Destructive Power of Cottonwood Seeds

Cottonwood trees, while beautiful, carry with them a hidden menace to air conditioning systems. The fluffy seeds produced by these trees, designed by nature to disperse their progeny far and wide, can become entangled in the external parts of an AC unit, such as the condenser coils and filters. These components are vital for the system’s ability to expel heat from your home and, when blocked, can lead to overheating, overwork, and, ultimately, damaged AC units.

How To Protect Your AC Unit During Cottonwood Season

Maintaining the health of your AC unit amidst the fluffy onslaught of cottonwood season requires proactive measures. The first line of defense is ensuring that your unit is professionally cleaned at the onset of the season. Our experienced technicians at Countryside Plumbing and Heating will remove existing blockages and help prevent the accumulation of fluff that can lead to inefficiencies and damage. For those who find their property home to these majestic trees, exploring options such as sprays or the expertise of a professional arborist who can minimize fluff production could serve as a long-term solution.

The Effect of Cottonwood Buildup

The accumulation of cottonwood fluff does not merely pose a risk of physical damage to the components of your AC unit. It also carries the potential for significantly increased energy costs as your system starts to have a hard time maintaining desired temperatures. This inefficiency, born from obstructed airways and overworked parts, translates to higher monthly bills—an unnecessary financial strain during already costly summer months.

Seasonal Maintenance and Professional Assistance

Given the complications that cottonwood season introduces, working with a respected HVAC service provider is advisable. Professionals can conduct thorough cleanings, ensure your system is prepared to handle the season’s demands, and provide recommendations on how to mitigate the impact of cottonwood.

Let Us Handle Your AC Needs!

As we embrace the warmth and beauty of the late spring and early summer, let us also prepare for the less welcome aspects of the season like cottonwood. At Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we can ensure that your summers remain unmarred by the fallout of cottonwood season, preserving both your peace of mind and the efficiency of your cooling systems. If you have any questions about AC maintenance or the central air conditioner cost, call us today at (715) 246-2660 or fill out our online form.