Are Your Heating and Cooling Systems Ready for Spring?

Your home’s heating and cooling system plays a crucial role in maintaining good indoor air quality, or IAQ, in your home. Never has this been more important than during allergy and hay fever season–also known as spring. Protect your family members from pollutants and allergens by following these simple steps to “spring-proof” your HVAC units. Let our experts at Countryside show you how.

Are Your Heating and Cooling Systems Ready for Spring?

Filter out pet hair. Animal fur and dander are notorious allergy triggers. You can minimize their impact while still enjoying the company of your furry friends with the use of an air purifier. HEPA filters can further help screen out pet contaminants. These filters generally need to be cleaned or replaced every 90 days, but with pets around the house you should do so at more frequent 30- to 45-day intervals.

Reduce known risks. Avoid smoking inside your home. If you’re using a wood-burning fireplace as a heating system, consider installing a smoke-free alternative such as a furnace with a proper exhaust vent. If you’re unsure about using a furnace, you can opt for electric heating, although this may prove to be less energy efficient.

Dehumidify to remove moisture. Mold and mildew thrive in high-humidity environments. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to control your indoor humidity and maintain a healthy level of moisture. Our experts recommend 40 to 60% humidity for best results. Many humidifier models can be installed as an additional retrofit to existing HVAC systems.

Keep up with maintenance. Schedule seasonal maintenance of your heating and cooling units to keep them in excellent shape. Poorly-maintained equipment leads to all sorts of problems, not the least of which are low IAQ ratings and various health risks to your family.

Get Your HVAC System Ready for Spring

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