The Location of Your Water Heater Matters

Most of the time, people place their water heater in the garage because that’s where everyone puts it. Many times this is the case because people have the mentality that any leak that would ever happen would be contained in the garage, right? The leak would be out of the way. However, plumbing installation isn’t as straightforward as that.

The Location of Your Water Heater Matters

Countryside Plumbing and Heating has seen firsthand the damage that water heaters can do and we know where things can go wrong.

While a leak could be happening in the garage, the consequences could reach the whole house. Some garages are used for storage while the construction of other garages could spell disaster for the room next to it when there’s a leak.

Storage Could Be Ruined

Even if the leak goes into the garage, what about the tools, the items in storage, and even the appliances that have been tucked away next to the heater? If the leak is simply a trickle, there is probably less reason to worry. If there is a large crack or the water heater has become infested with mold, what are you going to do when it’s too late?

Drywall and Adjoining Rooms Can Suffer Damage

Most plumbing installers tuck the water heater in a corner to keep it out of the way. If a leak is not fixed soon enough, the water and moisture can damage adjoining walls, causing them to rot and eventually need repair.

Even if It’s on a Stand

Most water heaters have a bit of clearance off the floor through a stand or some other setup. Depending on where you live, you’re required to keep the burner off the floor. That means leaks could still form beneath the heater and can damage adjacent walls.

Even If There’s a Pan

A pan can only contain so much. If you catch the leak before it becomes too much for the pan to handle, then you’re fine. If the leak is left alone and the pan overflows, it can cause more damage.

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