The Top 3 Ways to Prevent Heat Loss This Winter

The cold, frosty winter season is here. Now is undeniably your last chance to fix up your heating equipment and make sure it’s ready to go before firing it up. In addition, you should also think about ways that you can prevent heat loss to effectively boost your home’s energy efficiency and save on energy bills. To help you, an emergency plumber and heater repair provider narrows down the best techniques below.


Heat Loss


Keep the windows closed. You can hold off heat loss by ensuring that your windows and doors are tightly closed when not in use. These openings release a great amount of heat and will absolutely wreck the energy efficiency of your interior space. Another step to avoid dealing with energy waste and increased utility bills is to hang heavy curtains or drapes over your windows. A thick, closely-woven fabric offers the best heat loss reduction.


Seal leaks around the house. Every home has air leaks all over, but if they’re severe, the heat loss can be significant even if you have a high-efficiency furnace. The most common areas to check are around the edges of windows and doors. Be sure to seal them with caulking or replace the weatherstripping. Also, look for holes and tears that have developed in the ductwork. Call a reliable technician to properly address ductwork issues related to poor airflow and serious heat loss.


Think about the chimney. Make sure to prevent heat from being lost up your chimney. If you have a fireplace that’s merely decorative, consider a chimney balloon, which is placed inside the chimney hole. It’s inflated until it shuts out any escaping warmth. It offers great benefits when it comes to energy conservation and is completely safe. Just remember to remove it before starting a fire.


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