The Usual Suspects Behind Water Discoloration

Is tap water safe to use if there’s some discoloration? It depends on the cause, and the color can give you an idea of what’s causing it. 

Here’s an overview of the usual suspects behind water discoloration:

The Usual Suspects Behind Water Discoloration
  • Yellow, red and orange water – Different shades of yellow, red, and orange indicate rust. These shades vary depending on the amount present. In general, the darker the shade, the higher the amount of rust in the water. Regardless of the level of oxidation, it’s generally still safe to drink. Just don’t use it to wash your clothes, as the rust might stain them. 

How can you tell if the city’s main pipes or your house’s plumbing is to blame? If the water coming out of all your faucets is discolored or if the change in color was abrupt, the city water supply is the main issue. Occasionally, cities will flush the water main to remove all of the sediment, and the water should start to clear up quickly. However, the issue might persist if the flow of water is too low. If only the water coming from a particular faucet is discolored, there’s most likely an issue with your plumbing, which means that it needs to be inspected by a professional plumber. 

  • Green-blue water – Green-blue water isn’t suitable for drinking because of high levels of copper, which can cause gastrointestinal, kidney and/or liver issues if consumed. Issues with copper and brass plumbing are usually to blame for green-blue discoloration. 
  • Black water – Black discoloration in the water supply is a sign your plumbing has a mold issue. Avoid using black water, and have a professional plumber inspect your water pipes as soon as possible. 
  • Green water – Green discoloration indicates the presence of algae in the water supply. 

Preventing Water Discoloration 

Through routine maintenance, water discoloration can easily be prevented. As a rule, your plumbing should be inspected at least once every two years, and your radiant heating system and furnace at least once every year. 

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