3 Common Causes of Furnace Short Cycling

A short cycling furnace is one of the many problems homeowners can face during the winter months. This refers to the heating equipment turning off more quickly than it normally does, preventing it from obtaining the temperature set on your thermostat. 

3 Common Causes of Furnace Short Cycling

But why does it happen in the first place? Here Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc., your trusted source for radiant heat systems, explains the four common causes of furnace short cycling.

Dirty furnace filter. A dirty filter prevents the flow of fresh, cool air into the furnace, causing it to overheat. When this happens, the high-limit switch shuts the unit off within two to five minutes of it turning on. Make it a habit to inspect your furnace filter regularly to see when it gets too dirty and needs to be replaced.

Closed or blocked heat grates. Gas and electric heaters distribute warm air in every room through a network of ducts. Air flows out of the ducts and into the living space through the grates, also called vents and registers. If they’re closed or blocked, the furnace blower can’t disperse enough heat, causing the equipment to shut down prematurely. Check if the dampers on the grates are open or closed. Make sure that there are no furniture or household items around them that might obstruct airflow.

Air leaks. Gaps and cracks in your windows and a lack of insulation in the attic and walls will allow heated air to escape. The furnace, in turn, will have to work hard to keep the indoor environment comfortable, though it’s more likely to short cycle. Examine your windows to make sure they’re sealed properly and consider adding more insulation in certain areas of your home.

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