4 Culprits Behind Common Boiler Problems

Like electric heaters and other types of home heating systems, boilers can develop problems over their service life. Knowing the causes of some of these problems can help you get ahead of them before they result in an unexpected failure. In today’s post, local HVAC company Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc. takes a look at the culprits behind common boiler problems. 

Leaking and dripping. Boilers cycle hot water through a series of pipes to provide heating. Over time, components can develop problems, many of which will cause leaking and dripping: pipes and radiators can corrode, seals can break down and joints can come loose. Keeping up with a regular maintenance routine that includes thorough inspections can help reduce the risks of leaking and dripping from your boiler.

Kettling. Kettling occurs when the boiler makes the same whistling noise as a boiling tea kettle, sometimes accompanied by a rumbling noise. Kettling is caused by mineral deposits that come from continuous water usage. This is more likely to happen if your area has water with high mineral content, also known as “hard water”.  Since your boiler depends on a continuous flow of water to generate radiant heat, deposits in the pipes can bottleneck the water in them, resulting in less heat being delivered throughout the house and a whistling noise where the pipes are affected.

Pilot light turning off. The pilot light is an always-on flame that keeps the boiler running. If it persistently goes out, this is usually due to a problem with the pipes that supply the fuel, or because the thermocouple – a safety feature that turns off the gas when the flame goes out – is faulty. Have your boiler inspected by your HVAC technician if the pilot light won’t stay lit. If the problem is due to a gas shortage, contact your utility provider.

Inaccurate thermostat. If your thermostat’s readings don’t seem to match what you’re getting from your boiler, first try some basic thermostat troubleshooting. Your thermostat’s user guide should have a detailed set of troubleshooting steps, which may involve performing a reset, replacing the batteries and changing the settings to see if the heating system responds. If it turns out that the thermostat is faulty, it must be replaced immediately.

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