4 Things to Check Before Turning on the Furnace

A furnace, also known as a heater, is a piece of equipment that can heat up an entire room or building. The need for heating is most in demand during the frosty months of winter. It’s a good idea to start thinking about getting your furnace ready while you’re still enjoying the final days of summer as the fall season approaches. Here Countryside Plumbing & Heating shares five things to check before you get your furnace primed for cold weather.

furnace maintenance procedures


Clean the filter as well as the unit itself. Dirt, dust and debris buildup can pose a serious threat to your air filter and the entire furnace unit. The first area you need to inspect is the filter since it improves the quality of your indoor air by removing contaminants and preventing them from being recirculated. You also want to check if the coils and other parts of the unit that affect airflow are free of dirt and able to do their job efficiently.

 Make sure the thermostat is working properly. Turn on your thermostat and see how the furnace works. Do you hear suspicious noises that weren’t there before? Are there any weird smells coming from the heating vents? If so, then you might want to get your furnace inspected by a heating and air conditioning professional to avoid dealing with additional issues on chilly days.

 Look for drafty areas in the home. Carefully look for places around your house where heat can escape, like windows and the cracks under doors. If you have broken windows, be sure to take care of them to improve energy efficiency indoors.

 Replace batteries and test carbon monoxide detectors. CO detectors measure CO levels and sound an alarm before hazardous amounts can accumulate in a building. This gives people time to safely ventilate the interior. Test your device according to the manufacturer’s directions and add new batteries to each CO alarm to make sure they’re running optimally. 

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