How to Handle Winter Heating Failures

Winters in Wisconsin can be punishing, so it’s important to face the season well-prepared. Sometimes, however, preparations can fall short, and an unexpected storm or breakdown can leave you smack dab in the middle of the cold with no radiant heat to give you warmth. If this happens to you, don’t panic just yet; there are ways to survive this predicament.

Let our HVAC specialists at Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc.offer some emergency solutions for when your heating fails in the middle of winter.

Have a Backup

In addition to your usual preparations, don’t forget to figure in a Plan B to handle emergency situations. You don’t necessarily have to look up furnace prices for a second unit, but you will want to have a backup heating system that can work in a pinch. Portable heaters can be adequate substitutes while you’re waiting for the professionals to repair your primary heat source. Consider keeping a few of these small heaters handy, just in case.

Heat Preservation

When you’re in the midst of a winter storm with a failed furnace and no backup heat, things can get quite challenging. First, contact your emergency HVAC repair technicians right away. If a storm is currently raging, you may have to wait until the weather clears up a bit. In the meantime, your primary objective is to prevent the heat that’s still in your home from escaping. Avoid opening or closing doors too much, as this can easily drop temperatures in the house five to ten degrees. Insulate yourself by wearing warm clothing, and block all potential sources of drafts with towels.

Heat Generation

Now that you’ve made sure no heat can escape, it’s time to generate more heat. If the power is out, even backup electric heaters won’t give you warmth. Your only choice might be to use open flames. Bear in mind that this must be a last resort, as burning anything indoors can be extremely dangerous. Alternatively, you could also use stoves or “Buddy Heaters” that use propane, provided you follow all safety precautions.

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