How Does HVAC Figure Into Basement Finishing Projects?

When finishing a basement, your HVAC system is one of the first things you need to consider. Now that you’re converting your unfinished area into livable space, comfort should be one of your top priorities. To see how your heating and cooling equipment will figure into the planning of this home improvement project, ask yourself the following questions:

How Does HVAC Figure Into Basement Finishing Projects?

How Hot or Cold Does Your Basement Get?

If your basement is below ground, any experienced plumber and HVAC specialist would say that you’re in luck; its temperature is likely comfortable and consistent all year ’round. Considering that none of its walls are exposed to the elements, your basement’s indoor climate will probably remain the same as the temperature of the ground, which is about 65°F.

But if some parts of your basement are above ground, you may need to condition the air in order to maintain your desired level of comfort.

What Is the Capacity of Your Current Cooling and Heating System?

If you want to heat or cool the air in your basement, you could expand your existing HVAC system. However, this option is only viable if your equipment’s capacity can accommodate the additional square footage.

There’s a good chance your central HVAC equipment’s size is not enough to meet the extra heating and cooling load. If this is the case, you’ll need to either upgrade or install a separate unit.

Do You House HVAC Components in Your Basement?

Most unfinished basements are used as storage for HVAC units. If yours is one of them, think about its ventilation. The building code may require you have at least one window for egress, which can provide natural ventilation. But if a single window won’t suffice to expel stale air or gas, you may have to complement it with a mechanical ventilator.

Talk to an HVAC Specialist and Plumber in Hudson, WI, Before Finishing Your Basement

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