7 Tips for Making Good Spring Cleaning Better

Who doesn’t love a clean home? Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get your home incredibly tidy up for the impending warmer weather. We’ve come up with some great shortcuts to common spring cleaning tasks, that will make your satisfying cleaning experience even more enjoyable. Household Cleaning Shortcuts We’ve rounded up some extremely helpful


5 Things to Look Forward to in Spring in St. Croix Valley

Spring is one of our favorite seasons in the St. Croix Valley area. There are so many fun ways to enjoy the beautiful weather with your family and friends. As spring approaches, we just can’t wait to enjoy some fun in the great outdoors. Below, we’ve put together 5 of our top things to look forward


4 Tips About Weatherproofing from Industry Experts

No matter what season it is, if the temperature outside your home is different than the temperature inside your home then there is a chance that temperatures and weather conditions outside can impact your home environment. The most effective way to prevent damage to your home, maintain your indoor environment, and stop wasting energy on

3 Ways to Reduce the Costs of HVAC Services in 2017

The fluctuations in temperature from the coldest days during the wintertime to the scorching heat in the summertime can certainly increase the numbers on your home’s energy bill. Luckily we’ve come up with 3 simple solutions that will help alleviate some of those costs associated with your home’s HVAC system. Don’t Shed Your Sweater! Just

Why Now is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC System

Now that fall is here, New Richmond homeowners are enjoying all that this wonderful season has to offer. From fun fall parties with friends to spending the holidays with family, fall is a special time of the year. Though you may not want to think about the cold winter weather that is just around the

Avoiding HVAC Scams

How to Dodge Scams Involving HVAC

When repairs need to be made to a HVAC system, homeowners are often too desperate for a quick resolution to be cautious when dealing with the repair company. Sadly, this means people are sometimes taken advantage of by less honest businesses. Tips to Prevent HVAC Scams Avoiding scams isn’t too hard if homeowners keep their

4 Major Thermostat Problems & Solutions

  Sometimes, that pesky thermostat just doesn’t work properly. Indeed, there are a number of very common problems that we as homeowners have to deal with when it comes to that all-mighty thermostat. Here, we will discuss four of the most common thermostat problems as well as provide solutions that you can implement today.  

Test Heater Before Winter

Issues to Look for When You Start Your Heater for the First Time this Winter

When the weather starts to change and the temperature calls for a little help to warm up your home, there are some issues to look out for when you start your heater for the first time. Many of these issues can be found in furnaces, heat pumps, and other types of heating systems and are

Afford Home Comfort

6 Reasons Home Comfort is a Luxury You Should Be Able to Afford

Your home is where you relax after a hard day’s work and where you entertain your guests. Everyone wants to make their home as comfortable as possible, but maybe you shy away from what you consider to be expensive luxuries. Many people do. Of course the HVAC system is one superb comfort you can hardly

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Saving Money with Multizone HVAC Systems

Central air is one of the best inventions for making your daily life more comfortable. Being able to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer has made our daily lives just that much more comfortable. However, it leaves a lot to be desired in operating efficiency and the money you spend