A Checklist For the AC Service Person

  When you have a central air conditioner in the home, as many people do, you certainly want it to operate with a very high level of efficiency. That is the key to the safety and comfort of you and your family, as well as keeping those utility bills under control. If you have had

How Affordable are Air Conditioner Repairs

Nobody can survive without air conditioning these days. We become sweaty, kids develop rash problems and everybody faces an acute drop in productivity and energy levels. Thus, its not much of a surprise to see most of us stumped when our air conditioner runs to a grinding halt in the middle of a busy, swelteringly

Replacing An Old Air Conditioner

Air conditioners play an important role in our lives. It is very important to keep our air conditioning systems maintained and in proper working order. But sometimes, the repairs are just too great and a replacement is needed. Understanding your system is very important. When parts of an air conditioner break down, it may be