Ways In Which Excess Dust And Dirt Affects Your AC System

Everybody enjoys spending time in a favorable environment that does not pose any hazards or discomfort. To achieve this, people go far to make the environment more favorable and habitable, notwithstanding the brunt of its extremities. The home and office are the major two typical areas that most people operate in. As such, the environment around these areas is highly regarded and in most cases, air conditioning systems are installed to keep the rooms fresh and lively.

AC systems play a very significant role in any home or office. However, regular air conditioning maintenance is necessary for the appliances to remain in good working order. If left to run without any care or inspection, the AC system is likely to malfunction mostly as a result of clogged air filters, dirty coils, among other abnormalities. These come as a result of AC getting clogged with dust and dirt. To avoid this, one needs to understand the areas that require regular or scheduled inspection and maintenance for a more focused approach. 

Dust and dirt in the environment is a major aspect in air conditioning since it gets to the AC systems naturally. If this dust and dirt is allowed to accumulate to higher levels, it will lead to clogging of the air filter. A clogged air filter is one of the major causes of air conditioning system repairs. Such unnecessary repairs can be eliminated by practicing proper care and maintenance for the equipment. 

Air filters are fitted to the AC system to keep away big particles of dirt or dust as well as insects and other light matter suspended in the air from entering the AC system through suction. A clogged air filter will prevent the flow of air through the air conditioner leading to less efficiency in air circulation. This could also lead to more frequent repairs, which can be minimized by changing the air filters regularly. 

Too much dust on your AC system is also harmful to the motor of your AC system. When dust accumulates on the fan motors, it may cause faults in the electrical cables, cause bearings to seize, or lead to motor problems. Apart from this, buildup of dust on the appliance can lead to inefficiency due to dust-coated coils. AC systems cool air by passing it through a set of cold coils, which in turn cool the air being sucked. Dirty coils will therefore create a barrier between the coil surface and the air, implying that some energy that could have been used otherwise is being lost. To control this, the best thing to do is to contract a specialist who can be regularly inspecting the AC system and changing the air filters regularly.

Air Conditioning Repair: Hire the Right Technician

If your heating or cooling system is not working properly, you would need to hire air conditioning repair technicians to provide solutions at the earliest. It is best to refrain from attempting to fix the unit on your own. This may prove to be very costly. The technicians have an in-depth knowledge about the functioning of the unit and have extensive experience of handling such issues. It is therefore the best to leave the job to well trained professionals who are sure to do a good job.

Do not take the process of hiring the right air conditioning contractor lightly. Your AC unit is extremely important to keep the environment in your home or office cool and pleasant. It is imperative that any issue with the same be sorted out right away with the right solution.

When you discuss your issue with an air conditioning replacement and repair company, make sure to interview them well and ask the right questions. It is important that you ask them about their history, certifications, licenses, insurance information and service description. These are the basic questions that you should ask in order to know whether you would be dealing with a legitimate company or not.

Ensure that they are insured and licensed in your area so that you are not liable in case something goes wrong. Make sure to also enquire about their product guarantee, service guarantee and maintenance costs. You can also ask them to provide references, which you can check in order to verify the quality of their service.

While looking for a reliable contractor, it helps to do your homework. A trusted repair company can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It is important to find someone who would do the job well. Most companies have their profiles online. The ratings and reviews that they have received is a good indication of their service quality. Depending on this, you can decide which company to hire.

A good company offers a range of AC repair services round the clock. While hiring, make sure to pick someone who offers 24 X 7 services. It is also necessary to consider the cost of AC repair service. Take care to select a company that has competitive pricing.


3 Common Causes of AC System Refrigerant Leaks

Having an air conditioner that leaks will not just run your energy bills up, but will also increase the chances of getting a large repair bill later on. The air conditioning system that is low on Freon will click on and run more and for longer time periods. So, what is causing your AC refrigerant leaks? Below we will explore 3 causes.

Wear and Tear 

Wear and tear of your AC unit can be a source of leaks. There are rubber seals on the service valve around the valve stems which can wear out and leak over time. The system outside can rust and cause the assembly joints to rust. During the first year, these types of leaks do not show and typically show up later on. In some cases, these leaks are fairly simple to fix and require only a professional to come and put in a new part. Other more serious cases need more major repairs done to remove rusted parts.

Pin Hole Leak 

Another type of leak is known as a pin hole leak which is caused by “Formic”, naturally forming acid that will eat your copper tubing away. Leaks like this tend not to show up until later on down the road. When they do show up, they will be joined by other leaks in different areas of the components and copper tubes of the system which results in a highly expensive replacement or repair. Formaldehyde forms Formic acid which forms on the coils and is common in various different products for home building. When it does build up on the tubes, it can develop Formic acid and creates pin-hole leaks in the copper tubes. This is why manufacturers are switching to all aluminum for their replacement coils since they are not prone to corrosion.


Formaldehyde can turn into Formic acid in the home on the AC coil. It is very mild, however, over a 5 year period; it will create pin holes in the copper tubes. This is known as Formicary corrosion, and is why many contractors use R-22 by the skid instead. If you know about indoor air quality, you will understand that one particular pollutant in the home today is formaldehyde. Most if not all homes have some amount of formaldehyde in the indoor air, which will result in Formicary corrosion and cause Freon leaks. 

If you notice a refrigerant leak, it is important to get it fixed immediately. This type of leak can be hazardous to the environment and to you. State law states that all HVAC companies are required to fix refrigerant leaks. Some of these refrigerants are global warming and ozone agonists. The efficiency of your AC system can be harmed with a low charge. This will result in the AC compressors running above their suggested range which can result in eventually having to replace your system. Freon is also known as compressor lubrication in some cases, which results in the compressor seizing up if it does not have enough. Therefore, detecting and fixing AC air leaks is important for you, your AC system and the environment.

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3 Common Reasons An AC System Breaks Down

When it comes to your AC system it can be quite scary when it has a problem. Sometimes it picks the worst time, like the middle of a hot summer day, to go out. You might find that it is an easy fix and other times it is not as easy. Those times you may need a technician. There are some common reasons as to why your AC may break down or not run properly. Take a look at these three options and find out why your AC may be down.

Needs Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is critically important for your AC system. Taking care of your AC unit should be like you take care of your car. This maintenance and preventative care can keep your AC unit running smoothly. If it has been a while since it has had an inspection or cleaning, this could be your problem. Many people do not even think of cleaning or inspecting their unit until something is wrong. By taking the time to do preventative maintenance you can avoid these costly repairs that come along.

Filters Are Clogged

Unfortunately this is a common problem for AC units. Fortunately, it is an easy fix. Filters in your return can become clogged or blocked from debris in the home. You can end up with extremely dirty filters and if you do not change them out or clean them, they cause problems. This is a simple fix. You need to change out your filter every month. They also make filters that can be washed and reused. Be sure you know which one you have as they cannot all be washed out and still work. Make yourself a reminder to change or clean out your filter each month. This not only helps your AC run smoother but helps you breathe cleaner air.

Freezing Up

You may notice ice on the outside unit and this can cause damage to your unit. If you notice it freezing up you should immediately turn off the unit and let it defrost. You may have a blocked line or coolant leak somewhere in the system. By defrosting it you can try to find the problem and reduce the risk of permanent damage taking place. You may need to call in a technician for this situation. It all depends on how much experience you have with AC systems.

Three common reasons your AC system goes down are maintenance issues, filters and freezing up on the outside units. Some of these are easy to fix and others may require outside help. Be sure to keep an eye on your unit and if you notice any issues give your technician a call. They can help you to take care of the problem and find out a quick and simple solution. Always have preventative maintenance run on your AC system every year to prevent major issues. You can avoid costly repairs by spending a little each year to have this critical step done. 

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5 Factors to Look for in a New Home Cooling System

When you and your serviceman decide it is time to start looking for a new home cooling system, you have more options than ever before. You do not need to go with the same type of system you have always had, you can upgrade to something more modern, efficient and green.

Size of Unit    

The first thing you need to figure out is how much of a unit you need to have your home at a comfortable temperature year round. You need something that has enough power to work on the whole house but do not want something that is rated for a much larger home. A large unit will keep your home at the right temperature but will use more energy and cost you more in utility bills.

Ductless System

Something else you may want to consider is a ductless system. This allows you to create separate climate zones in the house. If you like to keep the upstairs cooler for sleeping but there is a game room that needs to be a bit warmer, having a ductless system will allow this. You will save money by only using the units in the rooms it is needed and by not losing air through the ducts. It has been proven that up to 30 percent of your warmed or cooled air is lost through gaps and cracks in the ducts.


When you are buying a system, different brands will be offering different incentives. If you find a unit that will work in your house find out if there is a special going on for that brand. If not, you may want to look at a brand that is offering a special to see if you can save money and still get a system that will work right.


Be sure to find out if the quoted price includes installation or if that will be an additional fee. If you are buying the system from an HVAC company the price will almost always include installation. When buying from a department store you will probably have to add in the cost of having the unit installed. You may find it is cheaper to hire an HVAC technician on your own to have the system put in.


Every new unit will come with some type of warranty. It is important to read it and see what is and what is not covered. Make sure you are comparing like warranties when considering which system to buy. Another thing you should consider is buying the extended warranty that is offered by the selling company.

When buying a new system, it is always best if you can make the purchase during the time of year when you will not be needing to have the house heated or cooled. This will keep your home comfortable and at the same time give you more time to find the best deal and have it installed. An added bonus is that you will not be paying high utility bills at the time so will not feel too much stress financially.

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Air Conditioning Inspections


Your air conditioning system is not just there to keep running and cooling the air all the time. There should be a time when you will need to service your system and have some one or two things replaced. This is certainly due to the fact that, as the system does its job, it will be subject to the problems which get into any system.

There will be parts which will wear out and hence they will require replacement and there will be others which will require you to clean them. In all these maintenance work, there will be the need to carry out the inspection of the system so as to establish what sort of activity should be carried out to which part. So you should be knowing about how to inspect your system so that you can be able to establish the best thing to be done to the system.

One of the routine inspections which should be carried out on an air conditioner is the checking of the air ducts. This will of course happen to those systems which require the duct system for the transportation of air. These air ducts will need to be inspected every now and then as they could be the difference between a well working system and one which is not working. This is simply because, if the air ducts gets any form of leakage, then your system will not be able to perform all the duties which it is supposed to do. This is because the cool air which should be taken to the different rooms will get lost somewhere on the way and so the target of cooling that room will never be achieved. So you should make sure that the air ducts are well sealed and working well.

You should also ensure that you have inspected the air filters which are in the main component. This because these filters will be playing a great role in the ensuring that the system is able to clean the air from any form of bacteria’s. So as you think of inspecting, you should not forget the filters which in most time will require to be cleaned and after some time of service be replaced with new ones. You should also ensure that you are inspecting on whether the refrigerant level is up to the required level. Again this will so much influence on how your house will be cooled.

Choosing the Best Air Conditioning Solutions

Air conditioners are one of the most important domestic and commercial appliances required for maintaining thermal comfort and since these lead to a huge investment, it is important to choose the right air conditioning system for your home or office. Selecting an AC unit depends on several factors such as number of doors and windows present in the room, insulation, and shade area for the outer AC unit and many more. Before planning to buy an AC system, be clear about design and type of the air conditioner you opt for and check if it satisfies your needs and requirements.

The various types include central air conditioners, split systems, wall mounted or window types and portable air conditioners. It is always important to consider several factors in order to find the best air conditioning solutions.
Here are some of the important tips to choose the best air conditioning systems:

Research: Make a thorough research on the various types and designs of air conditioning units offered by different companies before making a choice. You can also go online and check various companies’ websites to compare the products. You may also go through various magazines or contact the AC technicians for a better choice.

Size: Make sure to choose the right size of the AC unit depending on the size of your room. Measure the room’s size before purchasing the unit so that you can make a perfect choice.

Energy Efficient: When you choose an air conditioning system, look for the energy efficiency ratings so that the unit consumes less energy. Now-a-days, there are plenty of AC units available with latest technologies and trends which save huge amount of money on your utility bills.

Cooling Capacity: Usually, the cooling capacity of an AC machine is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units). Check if the system offers highest count of BTU and if it guarantees good cooling capacity.

Budget: After you have chosen the size of the system, compare the prices of various machines and choose the one that best suits your budget. Never assume that only costly units are always better; there are machines at cheap rates that offer good service.

Choosing the right company: It is important to choose the right company just like it is important to choose the right air conditioning system. Check for the installation charges because there are few companies that also offer installation free of charge.

A Checklist For the AC Service Person


When you have a central air conditioner in the home, as many people do, you certainly want it to operate with a very high level of efficiency. That is the key to the safety and comfort of you and your family, as well as keeping those utility bills under control.

If you have had a talk with any HVAC professional, they would have told you that one of the aspects that makes this happen is to maintain the system correctly. As a result, you will have maintenance scheduled.

It could be that you need a repair, but that it is something that can be taken care of with some simple maintenance tasks. Whatever it is, it won’t hurt you to know what the service person generally goes through when he visits your home.

These are things that are critical to conducting proper maintenance of your system:

  • The electric connections must be tightened and the motors must be checked. When these things are not operating properly, your system is not going to operate the right way and you are going to burn it out.
  • Lubrication is important. All the moving parts of the system have to be lubricated. If they’re not, your system is going to have to work harder. When there is more effort going into running your system that is going to take more energy and translate to higher utility bills. Sure maybe this is something you could do yourself, but it is better left to an AC professional.
  • Make sure the condensate drain isn’t plugged. If it is, you are going to have problems. You’ll wind up with massive water backup and the humidity level, which is something your air conditioner is supposed to control, will get, in effect, out of control.
  • How about the controls on your system? They have to be working properly. Does you system turn on and shut off the right way? This sounds simple, but it has an impact on the safe operation of any AC.
  • The thermostat must be set the right way. A lot of people don’t know how to use the thermostat, and this can especially be the case when it comes to one that is programmable. Let the AC professional show you how to manage that part of your system, because when you can actually set the controls of your temperature according tot he time of day, you could be in for a lower energy bill.

How Affordable are Air Conditioner Repairs

Nobody can survive without air conditioning these days. We become sweaty, kids develop rash problems and everybody faces an acute drop in productivity and energy levels. Thus, its not much of a surprise to see most of us stumped when our air conditioner runs to a grinding halt in the middle of a busy, swelteringly hot, sunny day.

To most of us, this would mean a nightmare of waiting for hours before an on-call serviceman shows up, and then probably waiting for days before your air conditioner is fully repaired and back on your wall. But almost all of us overlook this question of just how affordable these air conditioner repairs are. There are two kinds of air conditioner owners. Those that get maintenance done regularly, even more than regularly, just so as to prevent problems, and then we have those who continue to use their air conditioner even when a problem appears, without bothering to have it repaired till the air conditioner breathes its last.

Waiting till the last minute and postponing your air conditioner repair even after a problem appears is probably the last thing anybody should do. When the air conditioner does eventually stop working, it will cost you a lot more to get it repaired than usual. There are a number of ways to avoid this unnecessary expense. The obvious would be to get the problem rectified as and when it appears. Another option, while it requires more work and punctuality, has more lasting benefits. This option, usually overlooked, is called maintenance. Have your air conditioner serviced by a professional at-least once every six months.

A professional can check the direction of air flow, inspect the coils and assess its efficiency. When done on a regular basis, this greatly improves the performance of your air conditioner, and improves the efficiency by almost 1.5 times. Next comes proper and frequent up-gradation. The speed at which technology’s moving currently, any appliance we purchase today becomes outdated in a few years, and sometimes maybe even just a year. Thus, it is very important for you to have your equipment up to date, and in sync with the current technology. Not only does this give you the latest possible comforts, it is very easy to find spare parts in the case of failure of some of the components in your air conditioning unit.

Replacing An Old Air Conditioner

Air conditioners play an important role in our lives. It is very important to keep our air conditioning systems maintained and in proper working order. But sometimes, the repairs are just too great and a replacement is needed.

Understanding your system is very important. When parts of an air conditioner break down, it may be one or several parts that are broken. It is best to replace the entire system since each part works together harmoniously and changing out just one part may not solve the problem.

1. The Two main parts of an Air Conditioner: The Evaporator and The Condenser

Air conditioners have two main parts: the Evaporator and the Condenser. The evaporator is located inside the ductwork and it works absorbing heat from inside the air towards the refrigerant.

The condenser is located outside of the home or business and it works to squeeze heat out of the refrigerant and pushes it outside.

2. Replacing only one of the two may not solve the problem

Most times, when repairs are needed, it is the condenser. One may think that replacing the condenser will fix the problem but that is not the case. The two main parts work together and replacing one part can make the two have trouble working together.

The two must adjust to how each one work’s and replacing one may still see problems with your air conditioner.

3. Replacing the entire system is always the best solution.

The evaporator can start to make problems because it can absorb too much heat and then the condenser will overheat. If the evaporator does not get the right amount of heat it will freeze. The only way to make sure the two are going to work together is to replace both main components.

It is usually very easy to match both parts when a new air conditioner is installed. However it can be hard to match components when a system is older. So it is best in this instance to replace the entire system.

The decision is yours. If your air conditioner is causing problems, have it inspected. If only one part is damaged, you can choose to just replace that part. Just be aware that you may encounter problems with your system in the coming months.

Also be aware that if you have an older system, it may be difficult to find replacement parts so an entirely new system may be needed. Be sure to contact a top rated HVAC contractor to diagnosis your system so you will know exactly what is wrong with your system.