Dealing with Resin Bead Clogs

Have you noticed orange or yellow beads in the toilet, sink or bathtub? While not exactly toxic or harmful when handled, these beads will cause problems with your plumbing if overlooked. Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc., the leading provider of high efficiency furnace systems, expounds on resin beads, what they do  and how to get rid of them here.

What Exactly are Resin Beads?

Resin beads refer to the yellow and orange beads that can sometimes be found inside your plumbing system. Also called zeolites, they’re microporous, aluminosilicate minerals used to purify water. They’re usually located inside the brine tank of your water softener, with a membrane or screen holding them in place. When this  screen becomes torn or eroded, you may start finding these resin beads inside your pipes or in your cold water faucet filter.

Some older water heating systems are also prone to developing these beads. When the water heater plastic intake tube has dissolved, these small plastic beads are left to move freely through your plumbing. That’s why, if your existing water heater has already exceeded its service life, you should invest in an upgrade. Just turn to Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for an evaluation. In addition to providing new furnace cost estimates and air conditioning installations, we can also help you explore alternative heating systems for your home.

How Do You Deal with Resin Bead Clogs?

If left unattended, resin beads can accumulate in the smaller passages of your fixtures and appliances, hindering their performance. You’ll know there may be a resin bead clog if your faucets have low water pressure. To prevent additional beads from moving through your plumbing, try engaging “bypass mode” on your water softener. This stops water from passing through the unit so the beads remain safely inside. While this is going on, avoid running any water through the system. Otherwise, the beads will just leak inside the water heater–which is just another issue you’ll have to deal with.

The tasks of handling clogs and removing these small beads from the unit are best left to a reliable emergency plumber like Countryside Plumbing. We’ll conduct a comprehensive assessment of the unit’s condition and, depending on the results, perform the appropriate solution. We serve New Richmond, WI, and  surrounding areas. Call us today at (715) 246-2660 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.