Does Poor Water Pressure Indicate a Plumbing Problem?


Low water pressure is one of the most frustrating problems for homeowners, especially those with upper-story homes. In this post, Countryside shares tips on how to determine if your problems with low water pressure indicate a plumbing problem, and when to search online for “plumbing and A/C repair near me”.

Test Your Water Pressure

Start by testing the water pressure from your mains. You can buy a water pressure test gauge from most home improvement stores. Make sure all fixtures and appliances that may be using water, such as washing machines and dishwashers. are turned off before attaching the water pressure gauge. Turn on the spigot and wait for the reading to stabilize. The ideal reading will be between 60 and 75 pounds per square inch (psi). A reading significantly below 60 psi indicates low pressure. Check with your neighbors to see if they have the same problem. If they do, the problem lies with the city municipal water system.

Check Your Existing Plumbing

Inspect your plumbing system to make sure there are no leaks. Check your water meter, main shutoff valve and water pressure regulator. You’ll also want to find out if there are plumbing repairs or maintenance being conducted elsewhere in your area. Before you search online for “plumbing and A/C repair near me,” consider that poorly functioning water pressure regulators may be causing your low pressure problems.

Look at the Fixtures

If your water pressure gauge indicates a normal reading, ask yourself how old your faucets and shower heads are. Mineral buildup within these fixtures may be blocking water flow. Most types of faucets and shower heads are fairly easy to replace yourself, but it’s always a good idea to hire a plumbing expert for installation work. Make it a point to choose fixtures with water-saving features.

Clogged Pipes

Your water supply pipes can accumulate residue, which leads to buildup within them that may need to be removed by a professional plumber. This should be done as soon as possible. Clogged pipes seem to be more common with iron and galvanized pipes than copper or PEX piping.

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